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Seiko Astron GPS - The Novak Djokovic Special editionNovak Djokovic has been the Seiko Astron GPS ambassador since 2014. Ever since then, OTHER SPORTS Seiko didn't stand still and kept developing the GPS movement. It became smaller sized, more power efficient and it is effective at receiving information from 4 satellites. Simply a while ago, Seiko introduced a new special edition of 35oo pieces only, that has a mother-of-pearl dial plus a titanium case with rose gold color coating. Let's take a glance!Quartz MovementsQuartz powered replica watches remain to be a little challenging to accept for individuals watch enthusiasts. They almost single-handedly killed the complete Swiss watch industry inside the 1970s, "allowed" big brands to make utter junk till far inside the 1980s and took away the soul from many replica watches. In contrast, it allowed Swatch to make cheap made in huge amounts replica watches again so that you can fund the resurrection of your couple of those Swiss powerhouses and turn them into healthy companies again. So yes, even by hearing the saying 'quartz', the little hairs in the necks might rise a tad, but conversely we respect it for allowing replica watches to be super precise, cheap and also have interesting complications or functionality.Some brands turned the quartz movement into a skill, just like the Rolex Oyster-Quartz or Seiko's own Grand Seiko 9F quartz movement (see above). And be dead-honest together with you, I'd desire a 9F quartz movement over a number of the mechanical movements out there.GPS MovementNot as pretty, but extremely helpful, is Seiko's caliber 8X22. This can be Seiko's movement that is able to receiving signals from four different satellites to automatically display by far the most accurate time, wherever on the planet you happen to be (40 time zones). Its perpetual calendar can have the appropriate year as much as 2100. If you find no reception of GPS, thus no synchronization, it'll be as accurate every other Seiko quartz watch. We did an in-depth review about the Astron GPS here, explaining to you how it really works.Below, a picture of the Seiko caliber 8X movement (left) as well as its predecessor, the caliber 7X series movement. Examine how small the battery pack is good for the newest caliber type and (not pictured), the ring antenna went from 38mm to 35.5mm in diameter.Novak Djokovic Limited EditionBack to your Seiko Astron GPS Novak Djokovic edition. To commemorate their bond between Seiko as well as the winner ofRoland Garros 2016, there may be this unique watch of 3500 pieces only. To ensure it stand-out from the other Seiko Astron GPS models, this watch also comes in a rose gold coated titanium case. This offers the watch some warmth. The black bezel and also the black croco strap give a nice contrast towards the watch. As outlined by Seiko, the watch combines elegance and sport. But there is however more.Mother of Pearl DialAs you can see, the dial with the Seiko Astron GPS Novak Djokovic Unique consists of mother-of-pearl. It offers the dial a great glow of green, purple and blue colors. It's not necessarily a typical material to use for a mens watch, speculate the watch itself is big (44.8mm x 12.4mm) you don't have to doubt its masculinity. The applied rose gold markers and also the rose gold hands match with the truth and folding clasp and present enough contrast using the MoP dial for being perfectly readable.We'll obtain the model name printed relatively large at 6 o'clock (ASTRON) where 'GPS' and 'Solar' are printed underneath the name brand at 12 o'clock. You will probably visit a smaller sub dial, where there's an indicator for 'flight mode' (such as your phone probably has at the same time), power reserve indicator and also a Daylight Saving your time indicator (time can be corrected manually in DST zones). The watch is solar-powered, and simply when it receives enough light, the watch automatically receives GPS signals. With all the pushers, fake omega watch you can put the watch in airplane mode and synchronize time (via GPS).Djokovic Signed CasebackOn the caseback in this Seiko Astron GPS Solar, you'll find the engraved signature of Novak Djokovic. Besides the engraving around the back, you will receive a card using a personal message from Novak. All replica watches also have a unique number (out of 3500), timex kids watches that is engraved on the caseback.Strap and ClaspThis Seiko happens a croco strap with folding clasp. This is a three-fold clasp with pusher as a way to release it. The strap is in fact quite nice and fits greater than one we'd using one of our own previous Astron GPS models, that we reviewed. The thick padded strap fits nicely for the case because of its round ends and it's quite comfortable within the wrist. The clasp is nicely finished and has now precisely the same rose gold color coating as being the case itself.Some ThoughtsAs I wrote previously on this page, watch ambassadors aren't always a perfect fit. However, in such a case, one of the best tennis players that travels the earth all the time along with a Seiko Astron GPS is really a great deal of sense. Whether this rose gold watch with mother-of-pearl dial can be something else, but feel comfortable, Seiko has a lot more different Astron GPS variations within their collection.The tip and quality of this watch, in conjunction with the functionality have to justify a list valuation on 2000 Euro (prices elsewhere on the planet might vary a lttle bit). The truth that it's really a Djokovic special, simply 3500 pieces being made are less relevant to be honest. I'm not really heavily into tennis, however if you are, this might be a bonus for you! Together with the quality of the watch and handle from the components is absolutely nothing wrong, it is in reality over a quite high level. I've witnessed this myself during last year's visit to Seiko Japan. Look for regarding it in this report.A lot of this Seiko Astron GPS Solar World-Time Novak Djokovic edition can be found here. If you are able to go to a Seiko Astron authorized dealer or Seiko Boutique, ask for reference numberSSE105 watches .